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New Print... Not the Same Old Print

Engaged Readership:

  • A community-centric publication fostering engagement with its readers.

  • Highlights family stories, local events, and community updates.

  • Active reader involvement in content creation ensures sustained int`erest.

High-Value Penetration:

  • Showcases residents and neighborhoods, facilitating targeted marketing.

  • Tailored content specific to neighborhoods ensures relevance.

  • Independent survey reveals 92.6% of residents find the content both enjoyable and useful.

Open Rate:

  • Independent survey findings demonstrate significant reader engagement.

  • Readers reference the magazine up to five times per month, with 89.4% reading it monthly.

Premier Distribution:

  • Delivered directly to residents' homes, ensuring maximum visibility.

  • Avoids the fate of being lost in a stack at a coffee shop or store.

Market Influence:

  • Reaches influent and educated homeowners

  • Amplifies market influence through active community involvement.

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