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Community Contributions

Do you want to discover new things about your neighbors? Want to be in the headlines? Want to see your pictures published? We’re looking for neighborhood families and individuals who have a story to share. That story might be to celebrate an award you’ve won, to share your recent vacation, or simply to introduce yourself and share a message with neighbors. We are bringing local to the next level and want this magazine to serve you. Let us know what you hope to see on these monthly pages.

Here’s how to get started. Use these prompts to fire up your imagination:

  • What you would like to see in this magazine?

  • Has your family taken a vacation recently? Perhaps you could write a review or recommend a getaway destination.

  • Do you have any special talents in your family?

  • Do you play musical instruments?

  • Do you have a band?

  • Are you running a marathon?

  • Volunteers, are you passionate about charity work?

  • Do you organize a fundraiser each year for a nonprofit or walk to fight disease?

  • Your story might motivate and inspire others in life-changing ways.

  • Do you know a coach who volunteers his or her time in our community?

  • An athlete or artist among us?

  • Someone doing something that should be recognized?

  • How about those furry friends?

  • We are always looking for pictures for our pet corner


The process is easy. Simply email us with your ideas at


Remember, we want stories featuring you and your neighbors! Together we can bring neighbors together, stay connected and create an informative, family-friendly forum through our magazine.

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